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Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Ferris Wheel Mood

Today I am reflecting on mood. So many things can affect mood--the weather, food, circumstances, situations, people, health, movies, music, exercise, work, clutter, thoughts, dreams, fatigue, too much of, lack of. I've been trying to discern why it is that for two weeks I can feel childlike and free and then fall into the I-feel-old-and-tired mood and wonder what it is I am trying to do with myself.

This mood has the bad habit of feeding off of rotating thoughts about life in general. It likes the Ferris wheel thought process. The same empty seats keep coming back around, stuck in place, going nowhere. A bothersome mood. A dizzy-ing mood. Yoga helps. Kick-boxing helps. Step aerobics helps. Walking helps. But mostly, talking out loud to God in the car while driving helps a lot.

God's ears fly down the road at 55 mph, sometimes 65 or 70, and they hear all the Ferris wheel junk. God just listens. Maybe that is what helps, the listening. Or maybe it is that what I say bounces around inside the car long enough for it to break free of the wheel and be sucked out the air vents into the atmosphere where it no longer bothers me. Or maybe just maybe, it is that God's ears absorb those Ferris wheel vibes so that it comes to a creaking halt. Then I can fill those seats with different thoughts and regain my balance.

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