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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lightening Up

 Yesterday, I ate only vegetables and fruit. Today, I ate only vegetables and fruit. Tomorrow, I intend to eat only vegetables and fruit. And the day after that, vegetables and fruit. Until Easter, vegetables and fruit. I wanted to try it because sometimes I feel too heavy. Not like I weigh too much, but weighted with heavy foods. For Lent, I refrained from refined sugar and felt lighter. But resorting to veggies and fruit feels even lighter, like dumping weights that pull one down. It is like the letting go of things that prevent the rising up. And with Easter coming, I want to rise up. I want to be lighter than I was before Easter. For some reason, it feels dark and heavy just before Resurrection Day. So I guess what I am doing is preparing, trying to ditch the dark and the heavy in a physical way so that I can leap on Sunday and really celebrate with lightness.

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tina said...

I have also been working with light and dark during this Lenten Season. I'm not a strict observer of Lent, but sense the same desire to somehow prepare for Easter. My practice this Lenten Season has been with body movement... a type of movement that is new to me and is focused at least in part on opposites like light and dark, tense and relaxed. It has helped me experience more balance in my life. At this time, it seems likely that I will continue this physical exploration of balance after Easter as well.

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