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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Copper Sunlight

I spent the day hiking with my daughter around the Ten Falls Trail at Silver Creek. For most of the 9 miles, we had cloudy overcast skies. But near the end of our hike, copper sunlight shone at selected places on the trail, on the water, and in the trees. This was not pure sunlight because the sun was still covered by clouds. The light was filtered. The effect of this cloudy filter caused the sunlight to appear copperish. Oddly, the light did not land everywhere. It lay in patches here and there. Soft copper sunlight patches. The appearance of it reminded me of Tolkien's description of Lothlorien.

They felt like gentle touches from heaven. Soft places of peace. A reaching by God into creation and brushing lightly the forested places. A glimpse of God's love for nature. A glimpse of God's tenderness and care for created things. Brief tales of God's beauty. Brief messages of wonder and awe. Coppery worship among the trees and undergrowth. Blessed be the copper sunlight.

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