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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Removal of Excess

Lately, I have been cleaning out my things. The local Goodwill donation site is full of my things, well, no longer my things. Their things now. When I take these things and drop them in the rolling cart, I feel satisfied. It is the removal of excess. It feels satisfying because it also symbolizes the removal of internal excess. At the same time that I am clearing away old things, broken things, unnecessary things, taking-up-space things, and unwanted things, I am also, clearing away internal clutter.

This inner clutter takes up too much space and burdens me. As I drop my things in the bucket, I am, in a way, releasing inner things that are old, broken, unnecessary, and unwanted. As I do so, I feel an opening up, a spaciousness, freedom to discover what is new, whole, necessary, wanted. As I make way in my physical space, I am finding spiritual space, emotional space. I have a lot to sort. At times, I am ruthless. But years of accumulation require a bit of ruthlessness. Just so, interior accumulation requires a bit of ruthlessness. And sometimes ruthlessness requires no-thinking decision-making. What I mean is "go with the gut" and just let it go. Remove the excess.

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