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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Patriarchal Muzzle

First page of my altered book: The Lamenting Prophetic Witness through the Eyes of Women's Insanity

This is the first page spread from my altered book, entitled The Lamenting Prophetic Witness through the Eyes of Women's Insanity. It is based on my experiences with the women at the state hospital. The poetry does not represent any one single woman, but could represent all or some or a select few or perhaps two. The poetry reflects what I have heard and seen from their experiences. But the words are mine, an interpretation of sorts. It reflects my experiences of their experiences.

Be warned. Some of the page spreads are not easy to read. Some might offend. Some might disturb. One page spread contains uncensored expletives. Thus, you have been warned ahead of time.

Here is the poem on this page:

A patriarchal muzzle
Pierces her nose
And pinches her lips
The prophetic eyes
Speak silent sorrow

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