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Monday, May 6, 2013

An Ancient Beauty

Seventh page of my altered book: The Lamenting Prophetic Witness through the Eyes of Women's Insanity
Warning: This page contains profanities. Nevertheless, it represents some of the women with whom I work at the State Hospital. For them, there is no censoring of language when they are in the midst of their suffering and pain. And yes, some curse at God. Not because they don't believe in God but because they do, and they wonder what God is doing for them in their efforts to recover or be whole. They have been oppressed for so long that sometimes God seems to be an oppressor too. Much as they would like to believe differently, they struggle. And at times, it comes out loud, clear, and profane. Here is the poem:

An ancient beauty
Pees in her pull-up
Damn Mother Fucker Bitches
She glares at Jesus
And gouges her eyes

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LG Enterprise said...

So sad, deep and real expression of angry pain.

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