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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Prayer is the Mother and Daughter of Tears

These words of John Climacus inspired this altered book spread.

"The tears that come after baptism are greater than baptism itself . . . Baptism washes off those evils that were previously within us, whereas the sins committed after baptism are washed away by tears. The baptism received by us as children we have all defiled, but we cleanse it anew with our tears. If God in His love for the human race had not given us tears, those being saved would be few indeed and hard to find . . . 

. . . Prayer is the mother and daughter of tears . . . 

. . . Tears can wash away sins as water washes away something written. And as some, lacking water, use other means to wipe off what is written, souls lacking tears beat and scour away their sins with grief, groans, and deep sorrow . . . "

John Climacus in An Anthology of Christian Mysticism.


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