is a transliteration of the Greek word, εγερσις, which has the meaning of being roused to life. Thus, it is my hope that what you find on this blog will empower, arouse, stimulate, excite, and animate your life--your soul, your spirit--the wholeness of who you are.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Lead Me to the Dance

The words of Metchtild inspired these pages in my altered book.

"I cannot dance O Lord, unless Thou lead me.
If Thou wilt that I leap joyfully
Then must Thou Thyself first dance and sing!
Then will I leap for love
From love to knowledge,
From Knowledge to fruition,
From fruition to beyond all human sense
There will I remain
And circle evermore."

Metchtild of Magdeburg in An Anthology of Christian Mysticism

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