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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Forty Words for Forty Days: Day 6-Care

Care is a word that tugs on something deep in the soul. It pulls and reshapes “what is” into something that “will be.” It rearranges the heart, the mind, and the will.

Today, I took my cat to the vet for care. The vet’s care was different than my care. Her care involved an exam and x-rays and a prescription. My care involves fourteen years of body caresses, nose touching, ear scratching, fur petting, and head kisses.

Her care reshapes the “what is” into a healthy future that “will be” for my cat, and I am sure that her soul is a bit rearranged by her knowing that she was able to make my cat more comfortable.

My care reshapes the “what is” into a future that “will be” eventually sad for me. But I embrace this kind of care because the rearranging of my soul that has been done by this kind of care has made me a more complete and whole person. With gladness, I say that I care for a cat.

Here is my reflective question for the day: “How has care rearranged your soul?”

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I am enjoying your Lenten words. Today's regarding care in relation to our care of a pet is an exceedingly "full" word to contemplate. I have no answer for you now regarding how care how shaped my soul......but the word and thought is in me for reflection. (You might have seen I touched on pets and souls over at my site today - certainly not in the same context)......

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