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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Seeing the Man with the Harmonica

My daughter and I were shopping in Walmart when we heard someone playing a harmonica. We turned and saw an old man pushing a walker with one hand and playing the harmonica with the other. We looked at each other, giggled, and continued shopping. Later, we arrived at the checkout, and again we saw the same man playing the same harmonica. I mentioned this to my daughter, and the cashier overheard me. According to her, this old guy does this frequently throughout the week. He comes into Walmart and scuffles behind his walker while playing his harmonica. Delightful.

To hear her description of his habits filled me with happiness. It was the kind of happiness that wonders at the heart of a person who does a thing for the sheer fun of doing it and because it spreads cheerfulness to others. I was glad for that man. I was glad that he was unafraid to be a wandering music maker in the midst of strangers. I was glad that he wasn’t at home wasting away in loneliness. I was glad that he was sharing his love of the harmonica and of people.

I’ll be looking and listening for him on my next visit. I hope I see him because I intend to thank him for making me glad.

Day twenty-eight of the Thirty Days of Seeing

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