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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Godly Opals and The Oregon Sunstone

Rocks fascinate me. And I looked at lots of them today at the Gem and Mineral Show in Canby. Two of my favorites are the raw opals and the Oregon sunstones. The opals are milky, translucent and iridescent. They are sleek and smooth, like glass, but better. I love God for creating them. It's not the only reason I love God, but opals sure make it easier. I gotta love a God who designed such a naturally beautiful thing. Opals are wonderful just as God made them. Then there are the sunstones. Lovely in the raw, but stunning when polished. They are a collaboration between God and humans. A partnership in a finished product. I imagine God and I smiling together when I admire the Godly opal and the Oregon sunstone polished by a created hand.

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LG Enterprise said...

True beauty in rocks and their creation. I thank God for the ability to admire his creations.

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